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Identifying Cutler Hammer Citation Series Starters

When it comes to maintaining the older brown series of Cutler-Hammer Citation starters, it is essential to identify the correct replacement contact kit to ensure the unit continues to operate effectively. Here's how to identify the necessary contact kit for these vintage starters:

  1. Identify Your Starter: Citation series starters are recognized by their distinctive brown coloration, a hallmark of the older series. This color serves as a visual cue that you're dealing with a Citation series starter.

  2. Find the Nameplate: The nameplate is your key source of information. It is attached to the starter and will detail the specifications of the unit.

  3. Catalog Number: Look for the catalog number on the nameplate. This number is a unique identifier for your starter and provides detailed information about its configuration.

  4. Parts Publication (Parts Pub): Next to the catalog number, you should find a 'Parts Pub' number. This number refers to the specific parts publication or manual for your starter model, which lists compatible parts.

  5. Contact Kit Number: The contact kit number will be listed under the 'Contact Kit' section on the nameplate. This number is essential for ordering the replacement contact kit that matches the series and size of your starter.

  6. Coil Catalog Number: Although not directly related to the contact kit, the coil catalog number ('Coil Θ') is often located in proximity to the contact kit information on the nameplate. This could be relevant for more comprehensive repairs.

  7. Series Information: The series of the starter is typically marked on the nameplate. For the brown Citation series, it's crucial to note this detail as it can affect the compatibility of the contact kit you need.

With these steps, you can confidently identify the correct replacement contact kit for your older brown Citation Series starter. Always use genuine parts to guarantee compatibility and optimal performance. Safety first: ensure that the starter is powered down before beginning any maintenance or replacement work.