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  • Allen-Bradley CC273 480V Coil

Allen-Bradley CC273 480v Coil

Manufacturer: USA Aftermarket Replacement

OEM: CC273

Fits: NEMA Size 2 motor starters

Size: 2

Brand: Allen-Bradley

Voltage: 480v

Availability: In Stock! Ships same day

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  • Allen-Bradley CC273 480V Coil

    Drop in replacement for Allen-Bradley CC273 480v coil. Meets or exceeds OEM factory standards. Includes 1 year warranty

    Allen-Bradley CC273 480v Coil for Magnetic Motor Starters

    If your machine is down and you're in urgent need of a fix, the Allen-Bradley CC273 480v Coil is your go-to solution. We've got this key component stocked and ready for overnight shipping, ensuring you can get your equipment back on track by tomorrow.

    Choosing the right coil is essential for your machine's performance and longevity. While those cheaper coils from overseas might seem like a bargain, they often compromise on quality, potentially leading to more significant issues with your electric motor. Our American-made Allen-Bradley coils are the answer. They offer the reliability and durability you require, all at a price that's manageable for your budget.

    The Allen-Bradley CC273 coil isn't just a spare part; it's a crucial element of your motor starter. Specifically designed to match your system, it ensures an exact fit and optimal functioning. This coil is about finding the perfect solution for your machinery, ensuring a long-term fix rather than a short-term workaround.

    Suitable for various industrial applications, this 480v coil is ideal for different types of motor starters, including wye-delta and solid-state systems. The Allen-Bradley CC273 is built to meet the unique demands of these starters, ensuring reliable and efficient performance every time it's needed.

    A motor starter is more than a simple on/off switch for your motor; it's an integral component that provides overcurrent protection and helps control the motor's direction. The key to its effectiveness is the coil. By choosing the Allen-Bradley CC273 480v Coil, you're equipping your motor starter with an essential component for safe and efficient operation.

    When it's time for a coil replacement, don't settle for anything less than the best. The Allen-Bradley CC273 is the high-quality, expertly engineered option that's ready for fast delivery and offers great value. Place your order today and ensure your machinery runs smoothly with minimal downtime.

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    When it comes to replacement contacts for Cutler-Hammer 6-45-2, the choice between Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts and aftermarket alternatives is crucial.

    Quality and Manufacturing Location
    OEM Contacts are produced by or for the original equipment manufacturer. While they guarantee a perfect fit and optimal performance, they often come with a higher price tag.

    We take pride in manufacturing our contacts in-house, in the USA. This allows us to closely monitor quality and ensure each product meets stringent standards.

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    Price and Value
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    Our Aftermarket Contacts offer a more cost-effective solution without compromising on quality. By controlling the manufacturing process, we provide a high-value product at a competitive price.
    Performance and Reliability
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    Our in-house manufacturing and stringent testing ensure that our contacts perform on par with, or even surpass, OEM contacts in terms of reliability and longevity.

    Comparison with Competitors

    Many competitors source their aftermarket contacts from overseas, often resulting in inconsistent quality.

    Products from countries like China may not always meet the high standards required for industrial applications.

    Unlike our competitors, we manufacture our contacts in the USA, ensuring superior quality control. We avoid the pitfalls of inferior products often associated with overseas manufacturing.

    Test Reports and Standards Compliance
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